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Fitness Tips – 10 Ways to Improve Your Running Technique

by Sophia Nixon

Everyone wants to know the fastest way to race and for longer.

If they’ve been running for many years or just began exercising every day everyone is trying to find ways to improve their running and be more comfortable.

Anyone who has just started their run journey may be looking to get to 2 miles, while marathon runners may be trying at achieving a time target.

Whatever your objective it is important to increase your endurance to achieve it.

Here, we offer some easy tips to boost your endurance and increase running endurance. In no time you’ll be running more often and feeling the enjoyment of running.

10 Tips to Increase the stamina for running

1) Heating Up

Before even thinking about running, it is best ensure that you have completed the warmup, and then do some stretch exercises.

The process of warming up prepares your body to run exercise. It boosts your body’s temperature, which is particularly beneficial in increasing the flow of blood to your muscles.

A warm-up session can improve your the elasticity of your muscles, decreases soreness, and reduces your chance of injuries.

Perform quick stretching exercises such as jump jacks, spot jogging along with twists and side bends neck circles, arm circles or shoulder rotations. waist rotations for the proper warm-up

2) Keep Proper Position

A good body posture is vital in all aspects and also for the running form too.

Running requires the proper balance of tension and relaxation throughout your body. An upright running posture allows you to run more efficiently and for a longer periods of time and helps prevent injury.

A few tips for improving your standing posture for running:

  • Stand tall
  • Maintain stability in the midsection.
  • Maintain shoulder blades steady
  • Beware of slouching
  • Look ahead
  • Slightly lean towards the forward

3) Concentrate on Breathing

Focusing on your breathing when running can reduce anxiety, increase your energy level, and improve your endurance.

The majority of people breathe in a slow, steady way or do not accelerate their breathing as they run. If you’re running faster, it is important to breathe faster. The act of holding your breath will make you feel exhausted when you exercise earlier than you would like to.

The rate of breathing should be increased from 15 times a minute during rest to 40-60 times per minute while running.

4.) Slow and steady

Always strive to slow down and build up incrementally in your training routine. Even if you are eager to increase your speed or distance take smaller moves to prevent injury or burnout.

This is particularly important when you’re new to a routine running program.

It is a good idea to increase your miles by not more than 10 percent per week. It can prevent injury and help build endurance over time.

5) Include walking

Walking in the run routine will help you run further and faster, as it builds the strength of your legs and the capacity of your lungs, reducing stress and burning calories.

It is recommended to include at minimum thirty minutes walking during their run routine.

6) Get the Right Gear

Be sure to have the appropriate footwear and clothing that keep you secure and comfortable. The right pair of running shoes will can help you run your routine by helping to prevent muscle cramps and leg injuries.

7) Run Long

Long runs are essential for increasing endurance and stamina. You can either increase the length of your run by 5-10 mins or increase it by 800-1700 meters every time.

Many people try to race too quickly, and find it difficult to finish the race strong. To avoid this, make sure that you finish your run with a slower and steady pace, and concentrate on running the entire distance.

8) Do Intervals

Integrating interval training in your program is a fantastic method to build your muscles, increase your the aerobic capacity of your body, and increase endurance.

The program should begin with sprinting for about 10-30 seconds. Then, you should move to a extended walking or jogging.

9) Incorporate Cross-training

The majority of runners run and cross-train, but it can also increase your overall fitness. Every once or twice during the week, you can incorporate some of these into your routine of running:

  • Outdoor biking
  • Swimming
  • Elliptical exercise
  • Tabata exercise

10) Cooling Down

The cooling process after a run allows for gradual return to normal heart rate and blood pressure.

Cooling down is like warming up. It should take between 3 and 10 minutes and should include slow moves, gentle movements, as well as stretching exercises.

Other Ways to Increase Your Run Stamina

  • Do Tempo run
  • Keep Hydrated
  • Run with your friends
  • Include Plyometrics
  • Run along an Incline

If you’re working towards increasing your endurance for running is essential to stay conscious of your eating habits. The food you consume plays an important role in increasing your endurance endurance, endurance, and overall well-being. If you’re not eating healthy balanced, nutritious meals the body isn’t getting the nutrients it requires to fuel your workout and the rest of your day.

Are you ready to increase your running endurance? Test the the Fitbase App to start with interactive, smart training.

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